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Jews are the new WASPs

Philip Weiss on the Kagan appointment:

The Kagan appointment means that we have entered a period in which Jews are equal members, if not actually predominant members, of the American Establishment. Obama’s two closest political advisers are Jewish, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, and are said to be his foreign-policy braintrust. The economy is supervised to a large degree by Jewish appointees, Larry Summers and Fed Reserve Board chair Ben Bernanke (Time’s man of the year last year, a selection overseen by Rick Stengel, the Time magazine editor, who is also Jewish).

Recently a Jewish friend in the media said, “We’re the new WASPs,” referring to the patrician class that used to represent the elite in American society.

I’ve been thinking the very same thing for a while, and it’s pretty funny to hear someone else say it out loud.

When I was in Harvard, fresh from classless mass of Southern California, there was one thing I discovered. If you saw a smart white person, with dark hair, there was a 99% chance that he or she was Jewish.

Now this is not a commentary on the lack of blondes in the Jewish population, but merely that in schools like Harvard, which produce the American elite, Jews have been the new WASPs for quite a while, but have managed to be less visible than say Asians.

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