Killing it like a hooker in Hong Kong

The man has left the building

Well, it finally happened. After a long slog of over 18 months, yours truly has left finance.

Good bye hedge fund world.

Closed out acquisition of a medium sized South East Asian consumer business, and left Hong Kong last week for Kuala Lumpur.

Speaking Bahasa did come in handy in the end, but the real kicker was friendships with all the guys involved. It’s literally been like getting together with three frat buddies to do something fun, and hopefully make scads of cash.

Also, after almost 15 years in the business, I did get awfully bored of shovelling shit from one place to the other. The lack of social value in finance does deaden you a bit. And you wonder if you are even capable of being more than a cog.

July 30, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Congrats on coming back down to Earth =)

    Are you settling in KL?

    Anyway, hope that you would have more time to blog your experiences and analysis of the world in finance!

    Comment by StevenT | August 5, 2010

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