Killing it like a hooker in Hong Kong

Infrastructure Investment Of the Year Award!

This would be pitched so:


ELAN INVESTMENTS presents unique investment opportunity in Asian infrastructure. The Company is the owner of the exclusive right to develop a transportation network in a prosperous Middle Eastern democracy. The network will be used for the transportation of all goods to be used by the territory in question, and hence would have a monopoly on transportation of materials into the territory. The economy of the territory in question is estimated at USD12 billion for a population of 2.5 million, for a GDP per capital of USD5,000 per person, which is higher than India and slightly lower than China.

The license obtained by Elan does not limit tolls in any way, and hence the Company will be able to charge whatever the traffic will bear. Cost of construction of each link in the network will cost approximately USD100,000.  The Company has been encouraged by the sponsor government to build as many links as possible. The Company envisions an initial investment of USD100 million in the form of Redeemable Assumed Preferred Exchangeable Receipts  paying a coupon of 120% per annum. The sponsors of the Company will own all equity in the firm, and hope to make a return in excess of the RAPES.

Political risk insurance on this investment in not available.


Elan by the way, in Arabic would translate to Hamas.

Inshallah they get restitution.

Investment opportunities are rare in the Gaza Strip. So when Nabila Ghabin saw one last year, she pawned her car and jewelry and put $12,000 into a network of tunnels that brought in supplies smuggled from Egypt.

She was one of about 4,000 Gazans who gave cash to middlemen and tunnel operators in 2008 as Israel blocked the overland passage of goods. Then Israeli warplanes bombed the tunnels before and during the Dec. 27 to Jan. 18 Gaza offensive and the investments collapsed.

Now investors, who lost as much as $500 million, want their money back from Hamas, which runs Gaza.

The imbroglio over the 800 to 1,000 tunnels has deepened Hamas’s decline in public opinion in Gaza and highlights the Wild West nature of the underground economy that supports this jammed enclave of 1.4 million people.


Digging and operating a tunnel, typically about 50 feet (15 meters) deep and 250 feet long, costs as much as $100,000, according to Shaban.

With Israel restricting the flow of goods into Gaza after Hamas took power in 2007, tunnel owners began seeking funds for more tunnels. They built under license from Hamas: Four operators who declined to be identified said they each paid 11,000 shekels ($2,950) to Hamas for a digging license.

According to investors Ghabin, Mohamed Shurab and Shadi Qishawi, the financing worked this way: In exchange for their money, investors were promised monthly dividends of 10 percent. They were not owners of the tunnels. The returns came from the profits of smuggling as well as new investments, Shaban said.

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