Killing it like a hooker in Hong Kong

Singapore’s problems

Minister for Foreign Affairs George Yeo on the SPG culture

Minister for Foreign Affairs George Yeo’s Interview with Astro Awani Television on 4 February 2008

Q: Of course. So what are your comments then on generally people coming into Singapore? As you said it’s a city-state, you have got limited resources and then you are going to have this sporting event that will bring thousands and thousands and thousands of people. I mean it’s great for business but will Singapore be able to cope with it?

Minister: That’s a problem that we have got to solve. This is not a theme park, this is home for us. [] And Singaporeans sometimes get upset by this because prices go up or foreigners have habits which we are not familiar with, they make friends with our girls, I mean so there are all kinds of problems which we face because we are opening up even more than before. [] You open the windows, the flies come in, and of course you also get fresh air and the sunshine.

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  1. Well. George Yeo’s daughter is voice actress/actress in US of A. ūüėÄ Whaddya think? Prob white meat is better than local ayam kampung.

    Comment by hifiguy | April 7, 2008

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